This one-day course covers the capabilities and benefits of freeform SQL reports created in MicroStrategy Desktop.

Students learn how to configure a Freeform SQL database instance, create reports within the Freeform SQL editor, use prompts in these reports, compose advanced queries, access data from non-relational data sources, and implement security features within Freeform SQL reports.

Students perform hands-on exercises to create Freeform SQL reports against various data sources.


Module 1: Introduction to Freeform SQL reporting

  • What is Freeform SQL?
  • What are the benefits of using Freeform SQL?
  • Comparison of Freeform SQL and standard reports

Module 2: Creating Freeform SQL reports

  • Overview of Freeform SQL report creation
  • Configuring a Freeform SQL database instance
  • The Freeform SQL editor
  • Creating a Freeform SQL report
  • Managed objects
  • Filters and Freeform SQL reports
  • Drilling on Freeform SQL reports
  • Using Freeform SQL reports in documents

Module 3: Prompts in Freeform SQL reports

  • Using prompts in Freeform SQL reports
  • Creating a Freeform SQL report with prompts

Module 4: Advanced topics for Freeform SQL reports

  • Using derived and common table expressions
  • Using stored procedures
  • Accessing non-relational data sources

Module 5: Security for Freeform SQL Reports

  • Configuring access to Freeform SQL objects
  • Using security filters in Freeform SQL reports
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