This two-day MicroStrategy course explores the features and functionality of MicroStrategy Web, focusing particularly on the creation of Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards using MicroStrategy Report Services.

Students learn how to design and use dynamic enterprise dashboard features, such as panel stacks, selectors, and dashboard templates. Participants also learn graph formatting features, as well as the best uses for certain graph types.

The course covers Flash-specific features, such as widgets, transitions, and Flash-specific formatting options, as well as implementation of OLAP services features within your document. Additionally, students learn how to add datasets, various objects such as grids, graphs, text boxes, images and more to your document. Finally, the course illustrates useful document design and formatting techniques.

Throughout the course, students get hands-on practice via a series of exercises.


Module 1: Introduction to Report Services

  • Beyond the basic grids and graphs
  • Overview of MicroStrategy Web Interface
  • What is a dashboard

Module 2: Interacting with Dynamic Dashboards

  • Document display modes and export formats
  • Document subscriptions

Module 3: Creating Dynamic Dashboards

  • Dashboard templates
  • Dynamic dashboard layering
  • Document objects
  • Arranging and formatting objects

Module 4: Graphs in documents

  • Design recommendations for graphs
  • Best uses for graph types
  • Graph formatting

Module 5: Flash selectors and formatting

  • Flash-only selector widgets
  • Widgets as selectors
  • Widgets in interactive mode
  • Flash-specific formatting

Module 6: Flash mode and widgets

  • DHTML vs. flash
  • Advanced visualizations
  • Gauge
  • Time series slider
  • Interactive stacked graph
  • Heat map
  • Interactive bubble graph
  • Microchart
  • Widget rendering in PDF and Excel
  • Widgets in Interactive mode

Module 7: Documents and MicroStrategy OLAP Services

  • Derived metrics
  • Summary metrics
  • View filters
  • Derived elements

Module 8: Linking from documents

Module 9: Creating other types of documents

  • Reporting capabilities
  • Introduction to the document editor
  • Creating documents
  • Creating multiple layout documents
  • Useful design techniques and document specific objects