This comprehensive MicroStrategy Fast Track training course provides students with an overview of the main MicroStrategy components. We recommend working together with one of our senior trainers in selecting a 5-day or 10-day curriculum for your team before any large project implementation.

Students will receive the materials and access to a licensed environment to work on the training labs. For an additional cost, we can work with your data / business scenarios.

SECTION I – Installation, and Metadata creation.

Module 1. Download, Setup and Activate the Free MicroStrategy Suite

  • Download the suite from the web
  • Setup
  • Activate the Free License or the Evaluation
  • Identify the RDBMS, create the Metadata ODBC connection
  • Build the Metadata empty structure
  • Install the example database for the exercises (we will use SQL Server Express)
  • Create the Datawarehouse ODBC connection

 SECTION II – Preparing the objects that build up a BI project.

Module 2. Building the scaffolding for a MicroStrategy Project

  • Create new project.
  • Connect to a datawarehouse.
  • Explore datawarehouse schema, view sample data.
  • Select the tables and update the project schema.
  • Real tables vs. Logical Views.

Module 3. Attributes

  • Attribute ID and DESC, additional Attribute forms.
  • Parent-Child relationships.
  • Attribute Display forms.
  • Test Report to check the Attribute.

Module 4. Facts and Metrics

  • Fact expression, functions.
  • Simple Metrics.
  • Compound and Smart Metrics.
  • Conditional Metrics.
  • Level Metrics.
  • Metrics formatting.
  • Metric joins.

 SECTION III – Using the objects to visualize data and create interactive pages.

Module 5: Reports

  • Report Template.
  • Report Filter.
  • View Filter.
  • Sorting data.
  • Adding Totals, Subtotals.
  • Formatting Grid.
  • Save, Print, Export.

Module 6: Charts

  • Different types of Chart.
  • Metrics colors in Charts.
  • Backgrounds, Transparencies, Borders.

Module 7: Documents and Dashboards

  • Layouts, Panels Stacks.
  • Embedding Reports and Graphs.
  • Adding Interaction with selectors.
  • External Links.
  • DHTML vs. Flash.
  • Widgets.
  • Automating the delivery of information.

Module 8: Filters and Prompts

  • Filtering on Attributes and Metrics.
  • Advanced Filters.
  • Embedding Filters in Metrics.
  • Adding interaction with Prompts.
  • Dynamic Dates.

 SECTION IV – Mobile: Business Intelligence on the move.

Module 9: Mobile BI for Developers:

  • Create Mobile Configuration Settings.
  • Install and configure iPad client.
  • Adapt Reports to mobile screen
  • Create dashboards with Links.

Module 10: Mobile BI for Device Users:

  • Visual Insight on iPad.
  • Annotate and share.
  • Answering Prompts

SECTION V – Advanced topics.

Module 11: Beyond the Data Model: Custom Groups, Consolidations, Transformations.

  • Advanced grouping and virtual Attributes.
  • This year vs. Last Year / Year to Date vs. Last Year to Date.

Module 12: In-Memory cubes and Visual insight.

  • Creating a cube (from an existing Report or from scratch).
  • Publishing, Modifying, Refreshing a cube.
  • Creating a schedule and set the cube automatic refresh.
  • Using cubes in Reports
  • Creating a VI analysis

Module 13: MicroStrategy Cloud Express

  • Sign up process.
  • Personal vs. Team features.
  • Creating Grids, Graphs.
  • Creating advanced visualizations.
  • Layouts, Panels.
  • Sharing the results.
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