How Data Warehouse Consulting Help Clients Become Proactive

Los Angeles (August 12, 2019) — With the help of ExistBI’s Data Warehouse Consulting team, Raintree Resorts International recently launched an exciting Data Warehouse project to become a more forward-thinking and data-driven Company.

The initial scope started with a Business Intelligence Assessment to perform a row-level assessment of data consistency between the production database and the reporting database as it relates to contracts and inventory information. The results of the assessment included a Root Cause analysis of any discrepancy and/or inconsistency between the two databases and related tables, the recommendations to resolve the identified issues, and a proposal for maintaining the ongoing consistency and reliability of the reporting database. Collaborative interaction will be required with former Raintree employees who established the SQL database and reporting structure to understand the logic and access the continued validity of the programming logic.

An experienced Data Warehouse Consultant led the Phase 1 effort and delivered the following Business Intelligence Assessment to move the project into Phase 2 EDW implementation.

  1. A written report identifying issues that prevent programming from producing data with consistent information.
  2. Recommendations on how the data management process can be improved to provide more efficient and accurate reporting capabilities.

To learn more about the project, contact ExistBI’s consulting team.

About Raintree Resorts International: Raintree Resorts is a leader in the vacation industry. Through Raintree Vacation Club and Travel Raintree, we create memorable vacations for tens of thousands of people each year. With core resorts in Mexico, the United States, and Canada, and alliances with resorts throughout the world, Raintree understands the changing needs of the travel consumer and consistently develops new products and opportunities for our growing number of Members.

About ExistBI Data Warehouse Consulting Division:  Whether you are looking to develop a new Data Warehouse solution on-premise, in the cloud, or want to improve the performance of an existing one, our Data Warehouse Consulting team will help you harness your data and transform it into reliable, actionable intelligence that can drive business success!

ExistBI is one of the leading Data Warehouse providers in the United States, Canada, the UK, and the European Union. Our specialists can join your business stakeholders and implementation team at every phase of the journey offering subject matter, industry, and technology-specific Information Management Consulting, Implementation, and Support. Our certified team also assists clients in transition to a Cloud Data Warehouse on platforms such as Amazon AWS / Redshift, Microsoft Azure / SQL Server, or Snowflake.

Data Warehouse Consulting Company Helps Hospitality Customer
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Data Warehouse Consulting Company Helps Hospitality Customer
Data Warehouse Consulting Company Helps Hospitality Customer Become Forward Thinking and Data-Driven with newly launched exciting Data Warehouse project.
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