Companies are consistently collecting more and more data from their customers, this amount of data is experiencing a drastic rise. Within a few years, managing this data manually will become completely impossible. That’s why many companies have started investing in Informatica Training for their employees from an authorized Informatica University vendor.

Informatica is an industry-leading data integration software, it offers comprehensive native features to extract, transform, and load the data. Basically, Informatica provides a data integration tool as per the ETL architecture.

Now, businesses have started understanding the worth of using Informatica more than ever before. It is only possible because Informatica training is allowing users to check processes related to data in a whole new light. While previously, operations related to data could consume immense time before they were completely accomplished, they have now become pretty smooth and simple. There are several benefits that Informatica presents to its users that various other data integration software in the market still doesn’t provide.

Amongst all other benefits, it’s a fact that it has a helpful user interface to work, which not only makes it much easier for them to perform multiple tasks instantly. But it also ensures that they manage to improve their productivity to a level that was not believed possible in the past. Tasks that could often take hours are finished in a few seconds as a result of the drag and drop facility in the interface.

This user-friendly interface is one of the core reasons that companies are expanding their use of Informatica. In the present business environment, agility is a basic need and being able to bounce through all of the time-consuming and frustrating tasks. Instead, they need to concentrate on managing their data in a way that is more competent and effective to meet their business goals.

To better understand just why Informatica is the industry-leading in data analysis today, you must know the answers to the following questions;

Why Should You Train Your Employees in Informatica?

Previous methodologies employed in data management are not only out-of-date but will rather soon become useless. With the huge volumes of data generated today, understanding data and utilizing it in considerable ways becomes a task that is entirely difficult to do without the help of leading software. 

With the quantity of data any company comprises to tackle and filter through increases on a daily basis, it is not surprising that people require a data management system that is suitable to provide analyses and insights in an efficient and logical manner. This is why businesses require approved Informatica training. Investing in professional training can assist your employees in striving for new accomplishments and paving the pay for new methodologies in data integration.

Informatica Training for Your Data Teams

What are the Basic Requirements for Learning Informatica?

One of the main reasons companies give for not training their employees in Informatica is their mindset. Because they think that there are several different forms of pre-requisites that they will need prior to attaining the training.

However, unlike other types of technology and IT-related learning, expertise in Informatica needs very little basic information before joining the course. Any form of past experience with similar data management software is not necessary. The only actual requirement is very fundamental information and understanding of using computers and the internet.

Benefits of Informatica Training for Your Company

As described above, many companies are concentrating on replacing their existing data systems with ones that are more Informatica-centric. One of the key advantages of using Informatica is that it is less expensive than some other alternatives, therefore, more affordable for companies that have limited finances.

An internal scheduler is also available within Informatica, which is different from other tools that typically require assistance from a third party. It also makes sure that the overall environment is made user friendly and easily accessible for architects who don’t need to go through volumes upon volumes of data to identify patterns and understand information.

The direction in which data integration is leading is definitely quite interesting to observe. As companies concentrate more on agility and effectiveness, the benefits of indulging in Informatica are becoming increasingly evident.

So, if a business is striving to move towards digital transformation, it needs to leverage the best of the tools available in the market. And, to make the implementation successful and to ensure efficient utilization of the tool, you need to correctly understand its use cases, best practices, and most suitable methods, which you can learn in Informatica Training.

Benefits of Informatica Training

How Informatica Works?

Informatica is a leading data processing tool that is broadly used for ETL (extract, transform, and load) processing. It is top software in the field of data processing and data governance and is mostly preferred in a data warehouse, business intelligence, and data integration within the business applications domain. 

Informatica has built-in functionalities to integrate various source systems, such as databases, file systems, or SaaS-based applications by using configurations, adapters, and integral connectors. Once the Source system is linked and the source data being confined, Informatica supports numerous out of the box transformation features to convert the data, route, and process of the configured and combined data to the target systems.

Informatica tool comprises processes like Extract, Transform, and Load, which can be explained as below:

  • Extract: It is the very first step in the process of the ETL process, which executes the process of acquiring data sets from the configured data source. Then, that data will be loaded into the data warehouse. This process is also known as Capture.
  • Transform: The next step in the process of ETL is Transform that will be performed from one format to another format, which will be carried out by the structure of the data warehouse in which it will be stored.
  • Load:  The third step in the ETL process is loading in which is the process of storing the data into the Database by producing indexes in the format of data warehouse structure after implementing all the necessary transformations.

Key Functionalities of Informatica

  1. It enables the secure exchange of data in Business to Business and provides an absolute end to end visibility.
  2. It extracts data from various types of databases with different kinds of data like Structured, Unstructured, and Semi-Structured data and converts it into the needed format and stores into the target databases for the customer needs.
  3. It has the attributes of parallel processing, which is known as the process of computing the implementation of multiple processes at the same time.
  4. It offers the reusability of data, re-operation of the data, and recovery of data.
  5. It provides correct deliverables and presents automation in deployments.
  6. It gives high-security functionalities to the stored data.
  7. It helps in data recovery in the case of data disaster moments and tailored access permissions.
  8. It has a central cloud server that presents high security with easy convenience and data tracking ability.
  9. It represents high visibility in the case of data visualizations.
  10. It offers easy data maintenance and data monitoring features.
Key Functionalities of Informatica

Why Does Your Business Need Informatica?

The need for Informatica arises wherever there is a data system available and you need to perform specific data operations in the backend. These backend operations can be anything, such as collecting data, tailoring the data, etc. performed on a particular collection of rules or easy storing of massive data from one system to another.

Informatica products come with a vibrant assortment of features for data processes at the row level, integration of data from numerous structured, semi-structured, or unstructured systems, and data operation scheduling, etc. In addition to this, it consists of the qualities of metadata- so the data relating to the operations of data processes are also protected.

Applications of Informatica 

Here are some general applications of Informatica:

  • The company requiresInformatica to transfer from the existing legacy system such as a mainframe to the latest database system. Accordingly, the transfer of its current data into the system could be done.
  • Companies setting up their data warehouse will require an ETL tool for transporting the data to the warehouse from the Production system.
  • The incorporation of information from numerous different systems and sources requires an advanced business intelligence tool.
  • Companies use it for cleansing business data.

Various Products of Informatica


It is an enterprise data integration platform that helps organizations to access, transform, and integrate data from multiple systems.

Product 360

It is a Product Information Management (PIM) tool that allows the distribution of product information through supplier cooperation, editable channel previews, and many more.

Informatica MDM

Informatica Master Data Management is a modular tool that joins data from third-party sources to existing business data through reliability between the two of them.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

It is a cloud-based data management solution that helps with data integration, data quality, data security, and more.

Informatica Data Quality

Integrated data quality system with a self-service interface that enables business analysts to cleanse, certify, and evaluate data on its shortcomings.

Informatica Data as a Service

It is an email verification solution that verifies addresses through the domain rather than a database for better reliability.

Axon Data Governance

It is a collaboration hub and data marketplace for successful, scalable data governance projects.


As there are different and numerous areas of applications in the field of Informatica ETL tools and also the standard utilization of ETL tools itself holds Informatica as a superior option. It undoubtedly indicates that there is superior utilization of the Informatica tool in the field of ETL, which has more than hundreds of tools existing in the market presently.

There are a large number of tools, comprising third-party tools available for the data warehouse applications with varying features and alternatives to manage datasets. Its multiple data source functionalities help to transform or plan after loading the data into the Informatica tool. The Informatica tool has wide-ranging applications in the field of Data Analysis and Data Management, which presents superior benefits, such as Data Security and decreasing data redundancy in the shortest implementation time.

Informatica is accessible with any platform that is generally used in the industry. It presents cloud-based services so that you can exploit this tool with the least structure. Informatica offers real-time Big data edition, Business to business data integration (B2B), data integration, Master Data Management, Web services integration, and connectors for Salesforce and social media platforms.

If you’re still confused about how Informatica can help you lead in your industry. As a business owner, you must make your employees capable of exploiting the power of the data your company generates to help you stay competitive in this modern business culture. So choose the best of tools, software, or systems for your company and empower your employees to unleash the true potential of your business data.

Are you ready for the next step?  Join Informatica Training at ExistBI, an approved Informatica University vendor, and learn the most favorable aspects for your business.ExistBI has offices in the US, UK, and Europe.


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