ExistBI was selected to lead a Data Management Framework consulting project for a Middle East organization. The phase 1 part of the project was to establish a Data Governance Framework, the work included:

Customers Data Governance Consulting Requirements: 

  1. The bidder needs to design and implement a governance framework for defining a consistent view of all business-driven data elements.  The governance framework includes data policies, data standards, procedures and data principles including Metrics to measure them. 
  2. The bidder needs to design a process to track, audit and report compliance with data standards and policies. 
  3. The bidder needs to establish a set of procedures used to define, review and approve data standards.
  4. The bidder needs to establish a process to evaluate, approve and communicate changes to data standards and polices. 
  5. The bidder needs to establish a process to enforce CDE Data Standard to ensure that every CDE is managed and used according to defined data standard. 
  6. The bidder needs to facilitate the creation of Standard Operating Procedures to identify, solve, and monitor Data Quality issues. 
  7. The bidder needs to define the Data Governance Organization with participation from business, IT operations and management. This should cover business sponsor, data governance council, Data owners, Stewards, Custodians, and Architects. 
  8. The bidder needs to designate data stewardship responsibilities among both business and IT organizations.
  9.  The bidder needs to define the roles and responsibilities of data stewards and custodians.
  10. The bidder needs to develop an Action Plan to guide the organization in executing the procedures, enforcing policies and standards, and measuring the compliance.
  11. The bidder needs to assess the available technologies supporting Data Governance and to prepare a report with technical gaps need to provide better support, control and automation for Data Governance. 
  12. The bidder needs to define a set of Data Security rules. These includes Data access, erasure, and privacy rules.
  13. The bidder needs to provide recommendations to ensure that executives from the entire organization are involved and aligned with data governance initiatives. 
  14. The bidder needs to establish the business case for Data Governance to support having the required level of leadership and sponsorship support to all the Data Governance initiatives. 

ExistBI Deliverables: 

  1. Data Governance Framework Report: including data policies, data standards, data principles and data governance procedures
  2. Data Governance Organization Report: including the roles and responsibilities for business sponsor, data governance council, stewards, owners, and architects
  3. Data Governance Business Case
  4. Data Governance Technologies – Gap Analysis Report 
  5. Data Governance Change Management Plan
  6. Data Governance Knowledge Transfer Report
  7. Data Governance Implementation Action Plan
  8. Data Governance Metrics

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