Exist Management LLC (ExistBI) Asked to Speak About The use of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming To Leaders In The AI Industry

Exist Management LLC (ExistBI) very own Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialist Tomi Krizan gives a compelling talk at the AI Congress in Vienna.  This prestigious conference is known in the industry to provide visionary insight into the latest updates in the world of Machine Learning.  The conference is attended by delegates from around the globe, with speakers from Companies such as Google, Spotify, Microsoft, Accenture and Viv giving insight into whether we can trust computer decisions, improving the user experience, rationalizing the black box and much more. Krizan’s presentation covered how to best convey a message to your clients using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  This is an area of special interest to him and he has a breadth of experience in this revolutionary field.  Krizan applied the NLP approach alongside the Big Five dimensions (Extraversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness to experience) to predict personality scores to then target your clients and customers appropriately.  The talk was well received, with the audience providing positive feedback.

Artificial Intelligence Conference In Vienna

‘This is an exciting conference to participate in.  With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence being at the forefront of Big Data and Business Intelligence development, we can learn a lot from the leaders in the field. My talk highlighted the benefits of predictive analytics related to personality traits.  An example of this is, if a certain trait found people to be more prone to drug abuse, then preventive help and services could be targeted appropriately.’ Tomi Krizan, Principal Consultant & Director at ExistBI.

ExistBI provide a wide range of consulting, support and training services that include: Data Science, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Data Lake, Data Warehousing, Cloud Infrastructure (Amazon, Azure, Nutanix), Tableau, MicroStrategy, SAP BI & BusinessObjects, Informatica and IBM Cognos just to name a few.  They have a passionate and experienced team of strategic data driven specialists who provide consulting and training around the globe.

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ExistBI solves their customers toughest challenges by providing unmatched big data analytics, business intelligence and Data Warehousing Consulting services in digital, technology, finance, marketing, sales, operations and enablement. With offices in California, Ohio, New Jersey, United Kingdom and Europe, they partner with medium to large Companies and government organizations, driving innovation through intelligent data led initiatives. They have experience across most industries and all business functions to deliver transformational outcomes for a demanding new digital world.

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