We were brought in to audit the EDW design, architecture and implementation and to provide recommendations. Exist professionals use our best practice methodology to analyze the EDW and provide a comprehensive review of the design, architecture and development efforts and techniques. We analyzed the client requirements, EDW architecture, the data model, the Oracle and Informatica PowerCenter environments, the development and testing techniques, the deployment methodologies and the overall process.

Most of the design was determined to be fit for purpose, however, there were a number of significant recommendations made which allowed for faster development and more efficient use of hardware, software, and human resources. Our senior consultant was able to recommend a number of automation techniques as well as analysis and to alert the SI with regards to a potential process flaw.

In conclusion, Exist was able to provide a quick and comprehensive audit of an EDW implementation providing the end client with necessary assurance and giving valuable advice to the implementing SI, keeping them on track, reducing overall development time, and keeping costs at the minimum.<