Hire the Leader in SAP BusinessObjects Training!

In this 2-day BOID20 Advanced Information Design SAP BusinessObjects training participants will learn how use advanced techniques and implement designer best practices. The Information Design Tool enables designers to extract, define and manipulate meta data from relational and OLAP sources to create and deploy SAP BusinessObjects universes. In this course you learn the more advanced features of working with the Information Design Tool, including resolving SQL Traps, using the @AggregateAware function, creating universes from different sources, deploying universes in multiple languages, and managing and optimizing universes.

All of our trainers are SAP certified and enthusiastic about BusinessObjects! The course is offered onsite or via live instructor-led virtual classroom. All delegates receive course materials and access to our licensed environment for hands-on labs.

Who should attend?

  • Experienced universe designers
  • BI developers
  • DWH team members that want to extend their knowledge and skills using universe designer


Course Contents:

  • Using advanced Aggregate techniques
  • Navigating between current and historical data
  • Reducing number of objects eliminating objects multipulations
  • Combining Aggregate techniques with aliases
  • Mastering Contexts
  • Join vs. synchronization
  • Avoiding from contexts to appear
  • Using dummy joins
  • Managing easily your joins across contexts
  • Building advanced time objects and filters
  • Creating YTD ,QTD and MTD prompts
  • Creating advanced time calculations
  • Creating advanced time prompts (Current Year, Current Quarter, last month and ctr. )
  • Eliminating timestamp from date objects
  • Advanced string and text manipulation
  • Creating advanced filters using multiple SQL statements
  • Using correlative sub query in objects
  • Using ExistNot Exist syntax in filters
  • Using Advanced ANSI92 parameters
  • Designer best practices
  • How to sort best your objects in classes
  • Using test and dummy objects for designer best practices
  • Enhance your universe security and auditing capabilities
  • Maximizing performance
  • Using index awareness
  • Eliminating un necessary joins
  • Improving condition performance
  • Improving prompt performance