SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator 4.0 enables you to integrate disparate data sources to deliver more timely and accurate data that end users in an organization can trust. In this three-day course (BODS10), you will learn about creating, executing, and troubleshooting batch jobs; using functions, scripts and transforms to change the structure and formatting of data; handling errors; and capturing changes in data.

As a business benefit, by being able to create ef client data integration projects, you can use the transformed data to help improve operational and supply chain efficiencies, enhance customer relationships, create new revenue opportunities, and optimize return on investment from enterprise applications.


  • Module 1: Defining Data Services
  • Module 2: Defining Source and Target Metadata
  • Module 3: Creating Batch Jobs
  • Module 4: Troubleshooting Batch Jobs
  • Module 5: Using Functions, Scripts and Variables
  • Module 6: Using Platform Transforms
  • Module 7: Setting Up Error Handling
  • Module 8: Capturing Changes in Data
  • Module 9: Using Text Data Processing
  • Module 10: Using Data Services (Integrator) Platform Transforms