Data quality is at the core of any information initiative. Without trustworthy data, decision-making becomes a series of guesses. Data is deemed high quality if it correctly represents the business, its customers, the competitive landscape and the target market. Quality data must be complete, timely, accurate, consistent, relevant and reliable. Furthermore, the opportunities for data enrichment through external data sets should be identified and exploited whenever possible.

Depending on the complexity of the initiative, we quickly evaluate your needs through a well defined process and then allocate the best-suited resource to deliver results. Exist ensures that your data is accurate, consistent, reliable, secure and available so that you can make informed management decisions and quickly execute upon your data driven initiative.

Key Benefits:

  • Focused and enhanced business initiatives
  • Increased inter-departmental efficiencies
  • Improved data governance
  • Overall operational cost reduction

Data Quality Capabilities:

ExistBI can ensure your data is profiled, clean, validated, standardized, enriched and translated. We offer the following Data Quality Solutions and Services:

  • Data Quality Strategy and Planning
  • Data Quality Training
  • Data Quality Consulting
  • Data Quality for Business Initiatives across all departments
  • Data Quality for Data Warehousing and BI
  • Data Quality for Data Integration and Data Migration
  • Data Quality for ERP migration, deployment, and operational needs
  • Data Quality for CRM
  • Data Quality for Master Data Management
  • Data Quality for System Integration caused after mergers or acquisitions
  • Data Quality for integration
  • Data Governance for Compliance, such as GDPR
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