Data Migration is a risky but essential part of most change programs. According to independent research from Bloor and Gartner more than 50% of data migration projects run late or over budget. Following the right data migration strategies created by experienced data migration specialist is essential for project success!

ExistBI provides an experienced certified team consisting of business consultants, data migration profiling consultants, data migration project managers, data migration architects, data migration ETL developers and data quality specialists.

Our certified data migration consultants help customers on System Integration, ‘software a’ to ‘software b’ mapping, legacy system retirement and platform upgrade data migration projects.

The Big Data and Business Intelligence teams focus on traditional Data Warehouse and Cloud Data Warehouse data migration / ETL implementations which normally also require a data quality initiative.

Our teams also work on Cloud migrations for platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Salesforce, IBM, SAP, Nutanix and Informatica’s Enterprise Cloud Data Management just to name a few. We are accredited partners with many of these Cloud Companies.

Research suggests there are three main reasons why 35% of all data migration fail, these are: A lack of business stakeholder ‘buy in’, No proven data migration methodology and a data profiling tool is not used in the analysis phase. Further research suggests, 50% of data migrations fail when the in-house technology department lack data migration experience.

Our Key Recommendations For Getting It Right:

  • Start with a Pre-Migration Impact Assessment
  • Get ‘the business’ engaged and find buy-in on the project from key stakeholders
  • Use a proven Agile Data Migration Methodology
  • Use appropriate software: data profiling, data quality, data integration (ETL), data masking, archiving
  • Use a Data Migration Services Company who is comfortable with complex transformations