Data Migration is a risky but essential part of most change programs. According to independent research from Bloor and Gartner more than 50% of data migration projects run late or over budget. Following the right data migration strategies created by experienced data migration specialists is essential for project success!

Research Stats

  • 72% of data migration projects succeed if you profile your data before you budget
  • 52% of data migration projects succeed if you profile your data after you budget
  • 35% of all data migration fails
  • 50% of data migrations fail when the in-house technology department lack data migration experience
  • Business engagement, data migration project No.1 key success factor
  • Proven methodology, data migration project No.2 key success factor
  • 2/3 data migration projects involve archiving
  • 50% data migration projects involve data masking

The Most Common Reasons For Data Migration Issues Are:

  • Failing to profile your data before scoping your project
  • Not using a data quality tool
  • A lack of a proven data migration methodology
  • Minimal / no in-house expertise

Our Key Recommendations For Getting It Right:

  • Pre-migration impact assessment
  • Get ‘the business’ engaged / buy-in on the project
  • Use appropriate software: data profiling, data quality, data integration (ETL), data masking, archiving
  • Use a proven data migration methodology: we follow Practical Data Migration (PDM) or ICC
  • Use our DM staff, trained and skilled in data migrations (DM expert, DM profiling consultant, DM project manager, DM architect and DM developers)