Ongoing advances in Data Science have yielded incredible results and value to commercial enterprises. If your organization can plan and implement a Data Science project effectively, the knowledge and insights provide tremendous business advantage.

Our Strengths:

Intelligent Data Visualization

We combine expertise in cutting-edge analytics with modern user interface design to help users ‘see’ only the most relevant information in large data sets, providing visual insight that is increasingly valued by analysts and consumers alike.

Open Source Technology

Big players in the analytics field commonly release open-source algorithms and tools. Our technology agnostic approach, free from strategic partnerships to a particular platform, gives us the agility to quickly leverage high-performing algorithms.

Information Overload

Many commercial and government organizations are overwhelmed by the huge amounts of data. Our expertise in a range of analytical techniques enables us to extract critical information from large, unstructured datasets.

Data Science Consulting & Readiness Assessment

Would you like to start your first Data Science Assessment, but you are not sure what to do and how to create value for your organization? You don’t have a clear picture of investment and resources you need to secure and what benefits you can expect? You would like to protect your existing investment in IT infrastructure? Our unique Data Science Consulting and Readiness Assessment is carried out by an experienced Data Scientist, based on our Information in Action methodology, will help you to move in the right direction fast and efficient, by identifying most lucrative use cases for your business and optimal architecture, technologies and models of implementation, where you will be able to find and use the hidden value of your data in shortest possible timeframe.

Data Science Consulting & Big Data Development Services

Are you faced with a lack of resources for your Data Science project? Do you need more Data Scientists and Hadoop developers? We have been developing algorithms for a range of commercial applications for over a decade and have a pool of experts with the relevant Masters Degrees and PHD’s ready to tackle your complex problems, create intelligent algorithms and identify new patterns for operational efficiencies and uncover new revenue streams.

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