ExistBI helps your Company or Government Agency assess their current and potential Big Data capabilities, identify value generating opportunities and develop a plan to address those opportunities quickly and economically.

Our Big Data consulting services team offer a Big Data Assessment that is particularly beneficial to organsizations that either lack a cohesive information management strategy or are frustrated by their inability to use information to drive better decision making. While performing the Big Data Assessment, we can help assess current internal capabilities, determine whether current and future business needs are met and create a master plan to address them.

During this initial phase, our consultants deliver:

  • A series of meetings to create a clear collaboration and understanding between the business stakeholders and IT leadership
  • A Clear definition of Big Data concepts, Data Lake storage solutions and Cloud vs. on-premise options.
  • A plan that positions the Big Data function in the enterprise.
  • A gap analysis-current position versus the Big Data vision.
  • A summary of value creation opportunities.
  • A business case and high-level master plan.
  • Readiness for Big Data project implementation