Master Data Management (MDM) improves operations by empowering business users with consolidated and reliable business-critical data. ExistBI professionals help gather your MDM business requirements and implement a program to improve your organizations operations, cut costs, and drive revenue.

We understand how to design, budget, manage, and deliver MDM programs. Our ability to handle the full strategy-to-maturity implementation lifecycle provides our customers with greater solution continuity as well as higher levels of MDM enablement and adoption.

The MDM tools we utilize fit your unique requirements. They can be deployed on-premise and in the cloud and are perfectly designed for the realities of the hybrid world. MDM is not just about match and merge. Your success relies heavily on comprehensiveness of the solution:

    • Ability to acquire the data quickly, whether it is on-premises, in the cloud, and from third-party sources
    • Ability to understand the patterns and vitiations and suggest required corrections
    • Allow you to easily enrich master data from external data providers
    • Create a trusted view and securely deliver data for both analytical and operational use case

These end-to-end capabilities bring data quality, data integration, business process, management, security is key to our customers who use our technology today for mission-critical requirements. It delivers:

    • A single view of the data—Creating a single, authoritative view of business-critical data from disparate, duplicate, and conflicting information lets you see, for instance, that Rob Barnes and Robert Barnes are the same person.
    • A 360-degree view of the relationships—Business rules let you identify the relationships among the data, so you can combine data showing Robert Barnes owns a Razor scooter with data showing he bought it at a Target store.
    • A complete view of all interactions—Integrating the transactions and social interactions that have occurred with that product, customer, channel partner, or other data element gives you a complete view of that customer.

Our team has delivered consulting and training engagements using most of the proprietary and open source Business Intelligence Master Data Management tools on the market, including but not limited to: Informatica Master Data Management On-Premise and Cloud, IBM InfoSphere MDM, Microsoft Master Data Services and SAP MDM.

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