Our Machine Learning development step-by-step process

Wondering what it takes to develop software with the use of Machine Learning? Let’s quickly review the necessary steps.

Evaluate if Machine Learning can help your use case

Together we gather requirements and evaluate if an AI can help optimize your processes. Alternatively, if you have a project in mind already, we discuss ways of working together.

Duration: 1-3 weeks

Develop a proof-of-concept solution

Although no good project gets done overnight, we can build a prototype solution demonstrating the power of AI relatively fast.
You will also get a detailed long-term plan to reap benefits from the AI investment.

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Work iteratively to reach a mature, production-grade stage

After the evaluation phase, we are ready to work together iteratively. We will work over several milestones – together with your team – to refine the system’s effectiveness in solving its task.

Duration: 5+ months

Perform extensive security, performance and accuracy testing

Machine learning almost always means handling sensitive information. As a last step, we extensively test the application’s security and prepare it for a launch. We also evaluate corner cases.

Duration: as required