Energy and utilities companies are continually investing in infrastructure and technology. While looking to boost revenues and improve customer satisfaction, forward-thinkers in the industry are gaining insight from their energy data and utilities data, using it to realize untapped business potential.

By leveraging their energy data and utilities data better, companies can streamline customer service, improve asset and workforce management, bolster security, and bill more accurately. As a result, these companies optimize operations and deliver fast and accurate reports to gain valuable business insights.

Some of the more leading Companies are hiring data scientists to find new patterns in their data for product/service innovation, to generate new revenue streams, cut costs or identify risk.

For example: ExistBI’s Informatica Consulting team uses Informatica solutions for upstream energy data management that offers a flexible data model that adapts to evolving business requirements, enables faster implementation, and accelerates time to value.

The Informatica solution for upstream energy data management is based on the Informatica Platform and features the following capabilities:

  • Flexible data model for all business-critical upstream energy data
  • Flexibility to extend the data model to meet evolving business requirements for energy data management
  • Visualization and pre-defined relationships to provide a 360-degree well-head view including location, equipment, parts, and crew
  • A dashboard for business decision-makers and data stewards to maintain customer data and ensure effective energy data management
  • Integrated data quality management to continuously maintain the trustworthiness of upstream energy data, correct errors, and eliminate duplicates
  • Industry-leading enterprise data integration to efficiently move upstream energy data to and from applications, including CRM, ERP, well/reservoir visualization, production surveillance and BI, whether they are on premise or in the cloud


ExistBI takes advantage of powerful software tools on the market to provide industry-proven Self-Service Analytics, Enterprise Data Warehousing, Systems Integration, Data Quality & Data Governance, Data Migration, Business Intelligence & Big Data solutions and services to help Energy & Utility companies maximize business value from their data assets, while reducing the cost of managing data across the enterprise.

Our clients include: Idaho Power, DTE Energy, Alliant Energy, BP Just To Name a Few.