The healthcare market is in the midst of transformation along with most industry sectors. This is evident in the increased adoption of applications and analytic solutions.

While the industry moves toward accountable care and pay for performance, it’s looking for ways to leverage data to support new reimbursement models, facilitate care coordination, and foster population health. While the future is largely unknown, one thing is certain: the ability to gain value and insight from healthcare data will be a competitive differentiator.

This is where ExistBI can help, just as we have helped many of the Global 2000 and more than 200 customers worldwide, with our industry-leading solutions and services in data management, big data, cloud data warehousing, data migration, enterprise integration, self-service analytics and application retirement.

ExistBI takes advantage of powerful intelligent software tools on the market to provide your staff with self-service analytics, single version of the truth with Data Warehousing consulting, leading systems integration support and business intelligence training.  Our services help Healthcare companies maximize business value from their data assets, while reducing the cost of managing data across the enterprise.

Our clients include: HealthNet, PeaceHealth, Highmark, Kaiser Permanente just to name a few.