The aim of this 2-Day Tableau training course is to add to your visual analysis toolbox. You will strengthen your analytical skills and gain an understanding of visualization best practices. You will become a better analyst, designer, and communicator.


You are a strong Tableau user who wants to learn more about best practices in visual analytics. The Visual Analytics course helps experienced Tableau users connect the science of data visualization to the principles of visual best practices. In this course, you will also learn how to leverage research on human perception to create Tableau visualizations that truly help people see and understand data.

This course uses Tableau to develop and discuss visualizations, but does not include instruction on how to use Tableau products—we expect that you already know how to navigate and use Tableau. The primary goals are to develop your visual analytic skills, to engage in active planning for elegant visual design, implement dashboards that reflect best practices, answer your data questions, and best communicate answers to your intended audience.


You should already know how to use Tableau well. Ideally, you have taken the Fundamentals or our unique 3-day Tableau Desktop Bootcamp I and Advanced courses, but this is not an official prerequisite. Be aware that we won’t introduce you to product features or walk you through step-by step instructions.

Course Includes

This course includes a workbook containing key concepts on each topic covered and hands-on activities to reinforce the skills and knowledge attained. It also includes a flash drive containing Tableau workbooks and data sources to support the hands-on activities. What to Bring Please bring three examples of visualizations you’ve created in the past. These examples don’t have to be complex, just something you’ve actually used or presented. Any format (.twbx, .twb, image) is fine.

What to Bring

Please bring three examples of visualizations you’ve created in the past. These examples don’t have to be complex, just something you’ve actually used or presented. Any format (.twbx, .twb, image) is fine. Formats and Procedures We use a combination of traditional teaching methods (lecture, class discussion) and in-class activities.

After this course you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the history, theory, and science behind data visualization, and how all this is built into Tableau’s DNA.
  • Engage in the data analysis process including everything from planning your line of questioning to reviewing and communicating your findings.
  • Use some basic principles of human visual perception and cognition in your chart design.
  • Critique charts and dashboards and offer suggestions for improvement.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • What is visual analytics?
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the human visual system

Module 2: Laying the Groundwork for Visual Analysis

  • The analytical process
  • Preparing for analysis

Module 3: Visual Mapping Techniques

  • Working with human perceptual and cognitive processes
  • Encoding data into visual form
  • Working with color

Module 4: Solving Real-World Problems

  • Getting a feel for your data
  • Time series analysis
  • Comparing categories and measures
  • Mapping

Module 5: Communicating Your Findings

  • Fine-tuning for more effective visualization
  • Storytelling and guided analytics
  • Dashboards

Book Your Tableau Training

To arrange an onsite or instructor-led virtual Tableau training class e-mail

Custom Onsite Tableau Training

On-site training courses are designed to meet your specific business needs and requirements. Convenient and cost-effective, on-site training events are delivered at your location to reduce impact on your day-today business. Onsite training is ideal for companies who desire the flexibility of training at their location. You set the date and time, and we come to you! We provide a blending approach to learning – instructor-led training with hands on exercises and coaching – that encourages team building and collaboration, all in the convenience of your office.

Extremely cost effective for multiple students

  • Your team is trained together
  • Your team is accessible
  • You pick the date

Dedicated Virtual Tableau Training

Dedicated virtual training courses offer the same time convenience as an onsite training class without the expense of instructor travel. Your team is trained privately, at your schedule, from any location that is accessible via the internet.

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