This three day instructor led course is designed to have you use tools to isolate, correct, and monitor non-conforming values within a data set. It combines the Talend Open Studio for Data Quality material with additional material covering collaborative work and correcting data problems. This course shows how automated tasks can be set up to address common data errors while others can be routed for human assessment and correction.

Course Objectives

After completing this class, you will be able to:

  • Perform the objectives listed for the Talend Open Studio for Data Quality course.
  • Navigate the views of Talend Enterprise Data Quality in order to access desired functionality.
  • Isolate non-conforming data for examination, assessment, and cleansing.
  • Remove invalid data from a data set.
  • Parse, standardize, and consolidate data before sending it to a destination.
  • Cleanse a data set so that it contains only conforming values.
  • Use the Data Quality portal.
  • Use the dashboards to monitor data quality.
  • Use the built-in reports to monitor data quality over time.
  • Create and revise reports.
  • Customize reports in iReport.
  • Set up the studio in order to support teamwork and task management.

In addition to the topics listed for Talend Open Studio for Data Quality, this course covers the following:

  • Report Creation
  • Data Cleansing
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Data Quality Portal
  • Custom Reports
  • Collaborative Work