We deliver end to end SAP BusinessObjects solutions and consulting services by utilizing our certified SAP delivery resources and proven methodologies in order to maximize your business intelligence platform and improve performance.

SAP BusinessObjects Modeling

  • Our Data Warehouse (DWH) modeling methodologies take into account typical design and scalability issues while creating new universes and reports:
  • Many to many relations, measure multipulations, outer joins, smart aggregation and data levels, multiple contexts, historical with current data, avoiding multiple aliases, combining different data sets, performing advanced calculation, build in performance improvements and SQL multi pass
  • Operational and non DWH environments unique design strategies

SAP BusinessObjects Platform Deployment, Maintenance and Distribution across Environments

  • Full Enterprise installation and deployment
  • SAP BusinessObjects server’s deployment, optimization and sizing
  • Domain and web portals integration
  • SAP BI environments life cycle management
  • Backup, version control, Bi dictionary mechanisms and tools
  • Multi node clustering
  • Disaster recovery automation plan

SAP BusinessObjects Environment Health Check and Gap Analysis (BI on BI)

Are the universes and reports built correctly? Did the users adopt the BI environment? Are there any performance issues? Does the security model ensure there are no data licks? Which BI aspects can be improved? Are there business processes that can be automated?

We provide:
  • Full environment analysis and evaluation
  • Implementing Performance improvements
  • Meta Data, Impact analysis and advanced auditing services
  • User gap analysis methods
  • Self service techniques
  • QA methods for SAP BusinessObjects
  • Advanced security methods (password lick prevention, Data base monitoring, view level Security)

SAP BusinessObjects Migration and Conversion

How can you prepare, adjust and migrate your entire system without interfering with production? Which reports, users, objects and any other BI content isn’t relevant for the migration?

  • Migrating from all SAP BusinessObjects versions to BI4
  • Migrating projects from other BI platforms to SAP Business Objects
  • Desktop intelligence To Web intelligence conversion projects
  • Migration projects consulting and evaluation services
  • QA strategies for migration projects

SAP BusinessObjects Reporting and Analysis

  • Proven report develop methods
  • Short time to value curve
  • Specializing in SAP Dashboards (former known as Xcelsius)
  • SAP Explorer and Exploration Views experts
  • Web intelligence basic and advanced reporting
  • SAP BusinessObjects analysis for office
  • SAP BusinessObjects analysis for OLAP
  • Live office
  • Highly experienced training staff
  • Training programs for all SAP Business Objects modules
  • International experience (USA, Europe, Canada, India and more)
  • Specializing in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Logistics, HR models and solutions
  • Group and 1:1 knowledge transfer or support training programs
  • Ability to customize trainings to the customer needs and business environment
  • Focused on teaching self service techniques

SAP BusinessObjects Complementary Software and 3rd Party Tool Selection

In order to extend the SAP BusinessObjects environment capabilities we are sometimes required to adopt new technologies.

  • Control-M for SAP BusinessObjects
  • Extensive knowledge of the leading complementary tools in the market
  • Independent tool evaluation of 3rd party software
  • Integration Option for Microsoft SharePoint.
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