We offer Salesforce Optimisation services designed to ensure you receive optimal value from your Salesforce investment.

Maybe you didn’t align your Salesforce configuration and usage with your company’s internal processes and CRM strategy. This prevents you from measuring the systems impact and efforts of your Users, which in turn can lead to lower rates of adoption among frustrated staff who feel their hard work is wasted.

Perhaps you didn’t thoroughly define goals and objectives for Salesforce. Without these results there is no way to evaluate success or readiness to invest in development to extend the use of Salesforce.

Salesforce.com upgrades their application at least three times per year.  If you haven’t kept pace with each new release then you won’t be taking advantage of the constantly evolving new features that can improve your business, foster greater internal collaboration, engage customers through social media and improve customer interaction.

As your business grows, your Salesforce solution will need to grow too. User behaviour and business processes will have to evolve as well.

These are not uncommon issues and over the past 5 years Exist has delivered Salesforce Optimisation plans where our Consultants will work with you and identify improvements and ways you can unlock the systems full potential.

We can carry out system audits on the effectiveness of your current salesforce deployment and submit recommendations on where we feel Salesforce can be modified to leverage new opportunities and gain greater efficiencies?

Optimisation can range from small modifications to Salesforce system configuration right through to complex custom development to further automate business processes.

Here are the Salesforce services we can deploy during the audit which will help optimise Salesforce within your organisation:

  • We create an interactive map to define and document your existing operational processes
  • Gain an understanding of how you currently capture and use customer information
  • Talk to users to identify their adoption issues and needs
  • Identify the gaps between your desired processes and your current Salesforce configuration
  • Change the design of your data model to align to the processes
  • Explore new Salesforce features and functionality you may not be exploiting
  • Run system reports to identify how people have been using Salesforce
  • Assess the integrity and usefulness of the information within the Salesforce

After the audit we provide feedback or arrange an executive workshop to discuss the findings and agree a prioritised action plan to improve utilisation of Salesforce. This will lead to a fixed price work plan to resolve current configuration issues and implement further applications to help you use the system more effectively.

Our Salesforce Optimisation services can increase both efficiency and the adoption of Salesforce within your business. If you feel that your Salesforce implementation is not giving you the desired return on investment ExistBI can help. We can review your current Salesforce configuration, prepare a business process review, identify the areas that can be improved, prepare recommendations, provide a detailed proposal of how you can address the issues and the results you can expect and even make adjustments to the system there and then.

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