Tableau Software is a business intelligence software for rapid fire data insight. It’s recognized as one of the leaders in business intelligence, reporting and business analytics software by the leading technology research Companies, including Gartner.

Tableau enables technical and nontechnical individuals to answer business questions in seconds and derive value from data. Tableau Software is a relatively simple product to grasp, but organizations should undertake professional training to ensure any investment translates into a success story.

Our certified Tableau Consulting team address’ the continuously growing demands for Tableau Software, both Desktop and Server. We provide services necessary for successful preparation, design, development and implementation of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Software in various industries.

Tableau Software is bringing new opportunities to create value from multiple data sources for example Excel, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Hadoop distributions and other sources of data. Known for its speed and visual analytics approach, Tableau enable nontechnical individuals to connect to a desired data sources to begin answering business questions on the fly.

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