Our 1-day course is designed to give you a basic understanding of Big Data topics (with focus on Hadoop). It describes what is Big Data (is it buzzword, catch-phrase or something useful in daily business), when we are considering something to be Big Data, how architecture of typical Big Data system looks, what is ecosystem and who are key players within Big Data space? Is it related to data volume or technology in background? Does it replace existing technologies or is it enhancing them in joint existence?


The audience for this training is for anyone who requires an overview of the key components for Big Data environment and broader Hadoop ecosystem. During the training, we will cover topics that can help decision-makers meet their business goals.


None. No programming experience is required for this training.

Course Agenda:

  • Introduction to Big Data (definition through 3V, 4V, 6V …)
  • Hadoop overview and Ecosystem
  • Delivering business benefit from Big Data
  • Storing & analyzing data in Big Data environment (HDFS, HBase, Hive, Cassandra, Impala, etc.)
  • Important building blocks for Big Data platform (Pig, Hive, Cassandra, Impala)