The DMBoK and CDMP Preparation: Data Management Fundamentals four-day live training addresses all of the Data Management disciplines as defined in the industry standard, DAMA International Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK v2). Taught by a certified instructor and CDMP Fellows, this course provides a solid foundation of the different disciplines across the complete Data Management spectrum. It also helps prepare attendees to take the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) Data Management Fundamentals exam.

Students receive a certified DAMA and CDMP trainer, the latest DAMA materials and access to the training environment for the practical exercises.

Dama Training: Data Management For Certification


To explain and analyse the complete set of Data Management Knowledge areas to enable a person to confidently take the CDMP DM Fundamentals exam, knowing that the entire DAMA-DMBOK has been covered.

The course outcomes are:

Recognise and know where to find all details of the knowledge areas in the DMBOK

Be comfortable with the exam format and technique

Understand all elements of the DMBOK knowledge areas


A Study guide summary of the entire DAMA-DMBOK

Practice quizzes

Data Management for Certification – Day 1

    • Introductions

    • About the class

    • Pre-Assessment (50 minutes)

    • Chapter 1 Data Management

    • Chapter 3 Data Governance

    • Chapter 13 Data Quality

    Data Management for Certification – Day 2

    • Chapter 15 DMMA

    • Chapter 16 Data Management Organisation & Role Expectations

    • Chapter 17 DM & Organisational Change Management

    • Chapter 4 Data Architecture

    • Chapter 5 Data Modelling & Design

    • Chapter 12 Metadata Management

    Data Management For Certification Day 3

    • Chapter 8 Data Integration & Interoperability

    • Chapter 10 Reference and Master Data

    • Chapter 11 Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

    • Chapter 14 Big Data & Data Science

    • Chapter 2 Data Handling Ethics

    Data Management For Certification – Day 4

    • Chapter 6 Data Storage & Operations
    • Chapter 7 Data Security
    • Chapter 9 Document & Content Management
    • Post-Assessment