Informatica Big Data Training Agenda

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In this classic or custom 3-day big data integration training, your will be able to leverage your Informatica skills to harness the power of Big Data for your organization.

Module 1: Data Warehouse Optimization

  • Describe the challenges of an existing Data Warehouse
  • Requirements of an optimized Data Warehouse
  • Data Warehouse optimization process on Hadoop
  • Discuss Hadoop Tradeoff with respect to Data Integration and Benefits of Informatica Big Data Edition

Module 2: Informatica Big Data Edition

  • Describe licenses in Big Data Edition
  • Operating system, Hadoop Distribution, and Data Warehouse Appliance support
  • Hadoop Interaction support
  • Hive, HBase, and MongoDB NOSQL support
  • Complex file support

Module 3: PowerExchange on Hadoop

  • Identify data to Offload to Hadoop
  • Ingesting data to Hadoop: HDFS read/write
  • Ingesting data to Hadoop: Hive table write
  • Hadoop connections
  • Session Configuration

Module 4: Informatica Developer Data Integration on Hadoop

  • How to identify and offload expensive ETL/ELT workloads to Hadoop
  • Architecture Deep Dive
  • Create HDFS Connections
  • Run mappings on Data Integration Server and in Hadoop
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Module 5: More on Data Integration in Hadoop with Informatica

  • Challenges executing mappings in Hadoop
  • Big Data Performance Tuning, Tips and Tricks
  • Hive Best Practices
  • Reading and writing compressed data in Hadoop
  • Installation
  • Hadoop Distribution configuration

Module 6: Profiling

  • Profiling in Hadoop
  • Drilling down on data
  • Multi-object profiling
  • Custom profiles

Module 7: Data Quality Exception Management

  • Describe the Complex File Reader
  • Create a Data Processor Transformation and describe its uses and purpose
  • XMAP
  • Describe the complex file writer

Module 8: HParser

  • Describe the architecture and purpose of HParser
  • Describe the HParser installation process
  • Describe HParser jobs

Module 9: PowerExchange for HBase

  • Describe HBase as a NoSQL Columnar database
  • Describe the PowerExchange for HBase adapter
  • Infer HBase data structure
  • RWrite and Write HBase
  • Push HBase mappings into a Hadoop cluster

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