The main purpose of the 2-day Analyzing Data with Power BI for Consumer training is to give students a good understanding of data analysis, reporting and interacting with data using visualizations using Microsoft Power BI. The course includes creating visualizations, the Power BI Service, and the Power BI Mobile App. The course will likely be attended by SQL Server report creators who are interested in alternative methods of presenting data at course completion.

Students will learn how to:

  • Import, clean, transform and visualize their data with Power BI
  • Create data visualizations like KPIs and charts

Pre-requisites (not mandatory):

  • Some basic knowledge of database concepts (What are tables, columns, records)
  • Some Excel, Excel Functions and Formulas are helpful for a better understanding of the course contents.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Getting to Know Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
  • Digital Transformation and Power BI
  • Power BI Plans and Family according to your needs
  • DDD, the Efficient Decision Making
  • How Power BI Works
  • Power BI Elements

Module 2: Overview of the Power BI Product Family

  • IPower Bi Desktop
  • Power Bi Service
  • Power Bi Report Server
  • Power Bi Mobile
  • Power Bi Licensing Options
  • Power Bi Free Vs. Power Bi Pro
  • Power Bi Premium
  • Proper Method to have Power Bi Desktop installed.

Module 3: Diving into the Power BI Desktop Interface

  • Exploring Power Bi Desktop Navigation
  • Ribbon Menu
  • Tab Menu
  • Visualizations and Fields Pane
  • Getting Data from Data Sources
    • Files
    • Databases
    • Power Bi Service
    • Azure Cloud Services or Microsoft 365 (Office 365)
    • Online Services
    • Other

Module 4: Getting Started with Power BI

  • Creating our first report with Excel Data
  • Pulling Data from the Web and Web scraping
  • Geo Location Data for Reports
  • Data Formatting Options
  • Data Grouping in Visuals

Module 5: Using the Proper Visuals in Reports

  • Graphic Elements
  • Visualization Panel
  • Creating and Formatting Visuals:
    • Creating and Formatting
    • Visual Properties
    • Getting Custom Visuals from The AppStore

Module 6: Slicing and Filtering Data

  • Understanding Visual Interaction
  • Visual Interaction States
  • Editing Visuals Interaction
  • Creating and Formatting a Slicer
  • Types of Slicers
  • Filters Pane
  • Types of Filters (Visual, Page, report, Drill Through)
Module 7: Data Modeling and Basic DAX Elements

  • Understanding Data Modeling
  • Relationships
  • Hiding Datasets and Fields
  • Cardinality and Cross Filter Direction
  • Using Calculated Columns
  • Use of Measures

Module 8: Basics of Data Transformation

  • Using First Row as A Header
  • Split Columns, Removing Blank Columns and Choosing Relevant Columns Renaming Column Names
  • Selecting the Right Data
  • Data Cleaning
  • Removing Errors
  • Cleaning and Trimming the Text
  • Correcting Spelling Mistakes
  • Data Wrangling
  • Filling Down
  • Splitting Column by A Delimiter
  • Changing Case of a Column
  • Removing Duplicates

Module 9: Setting Up Power Bi Mobile

  • Sign In option of Power Bi Mobile App
  • Working with Power Bi Mobile Reports and Dashboards
  • Setting Up a Mobile View of a Report

Module 10: Power Bi Service

  • What Is Power Bi Service
  • Publish and Edit Reports
  • Publishing Report to Web
  • Generating a QR Code for Report
  • Dashboards
  • Pinning Visuals to Dashboard
  • Difference Between a Report and a Dashboard
  • Export to Power Point and PDF
  • Getting Data Directly In Power Bi Service
  • Adding Tiles and Creating Alerts
  • Pinning A Live Page
  • Customizing Dashboard for Mobile View
  • Sharing Reports and Dashboards
  • Scheduling Data Refresh