If your organization needs to manage its data flow, then IBM can help you accomplish this goal through IBM InfoSphere. An infosphere is a structured approach towards data management and maintenance of connectivity across the organization. IBM InfoSphere Training provides students with the capability and the right tools to construct, compile, execute and control data in multiple ways.

Trainees will learn to build a DataStage parallel processing framework architecture that can help in data modeling. This training allows users to learn the nuances of data modeling through the dynamic use of the ETL tools. These processes include mastering the best practices in the following:

  • transformations
  • data filtration
  • combination
  • data generation
  • categorization
  • aggregation
  • data integration
  • data migration

ExistBI IBM InfoSphere Training Components

The IBM InfoSphere training components encompass critical skills like deployment, installation, administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of data. Choose from the following:

  • IBM InfoSphere DataStage Essentials V8.7
  • IBM InfoSphere Advanced DataStage V8
  • IBM InfoSphere MDM Server

The competent instructors will deliver hands-on IBM InfoSphere Training to help you manage significant business information and its implementation. We can deliver training on-site or off-site.  Book a training for yourself or your team by reaching us on our US number +1 800 280 4376 or our UK number +44 (0)207 554 8568.


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