An example of a recent business intelligence assessment for a large retail business is outlined below:

  • The strategy review covered all parts of the retailers business including all the following areas: Stores, Logistics, Trading, Supply Chain, Finance, HR and Manufacturing.
  • Across the organization there were a number of initiatives that had to be supported by the BI team. These included: Loss Prevention, Wastage, Category management, Customer analysis, Promotions, Labor management Review.
  • To understand the needs of the business, our Exist Principal Consultant met with senior stakeholders in the organization to understand the corporate strategy and the priorities of the business. Further interviews were undertaken with management and key users within each department and supporting IT teams. The strategy was also closely aligned to the timetable for the transactional system implementation.
  • The strategy for the implementation of the “new world” BI solution covered a 3 year period and included the following areas: Prioritized requirements, High level business cases for each area, Technology recommendations, High level cost estimates, Internal resource recommendations, On shore and off shore delivery partner recommendations, Architecture design, High level implementation plans
  • The strategy identified a number of business areas where major revenue opportunities and cost savings could be delivered through improved information availability.