This two-day course provides students with an overview of the project design process, from designing the logical data model and physical schema for the data warehouse to creating a project in MicroStrategy Architect.

Students first learn about the role of MicroStrategy Architect in supporting various project functions. Next, students discover ways to design a logical data model and physical schema in preparation for creating a MicroStrategy project. Finally, students learn about the project creation process, including how to work with tables, facts, attributes, and user hierarchies to create a fully-functioning MicroStrategy project.

Throughout this course, students get hands-on practice with designing and creating MicroStrategy projects via a series of exercises.


Module 1: Introduction to MicroStrategy Architect

  • Overview of MicroStrategy Architect
  • Roles of MicroStrategy Architect
  • Overview of the project design process

Module 2: Designing the logical data model

  • Introduction to logical data modeling
  • Logical data model components
  • Creating a logical data model

Module 3: Designing the data warehouse schema

  • Introduction to physical schemas
  • Physical schema components
  • Schema types
  • Creating a data warehouse schema

Module 4: Creating a project in MicroStrategy Architect

  • Overview of project creation
  • Project creation interfaces

Module 5: Working with facts

  • What is a fact?
  • Types of facts
  • Creating and modifying facts

Module 6: Introduction to the Architect graphical interface

  • Introduction to Architect
  • Overview of Architect components and settings Working with tables
  • What is a Project table?
  • Adding tables to Project
  • Using the layers for Project tables

Module 7: Working with attributes

  • What is an attribute?
  • What is an attribute form?
  • Types of attributes
  • Creating and modifying attribute forms
  • What is the system hierarchy?

Module 8: Working with user hierarchies

  • What is a user hierarchy?
  • Creating user hierarchies

Module 9: Automatic schema recognition

  • Overview of automatic schema recognition
  • Using automatic schema recognition
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