The Undeniable Benefits of IBM Cognos Training

Business intelligence has taken the world by storm. The power of data has enabled businesses to realize their strengths and weaknesses in a much better way and make smarter decisions. What was considered a dream many decades ago by business managers around the globe has now become a beautiful reality. Thanks to the modern-day technology associated with big data, analysts and business managers are able to identify the crucial hidden patterns that could either make or break the very future of their companies!

Over the last couple of decades, a lot of renowned names like Microsoft, Informatica, etc., have launched their business intelligence platforms in the market. One of them, that truly takes the cake, is IBM Cognos, a full-fledged business intelligence suite with a vast range of features that facilitate managers in data analysis, reporting, and decision-making. With that in mind, IBM Cognos training has certainly become the hottest and most in-demand thing in the business intelligence sphere!

With so many benefits to offer to managers and analysts, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that IBM Cognos is one of the most renowned and trustworthy business intelligence platforms. Hundreds of business owners (who want their workforce to get full control of big data) and analysts (who want to stand out from the competition and make a name for themselves in the world of BI) alike invest in training for this superb platform every day.

In this article, we will shed some light on the greatness of IBM Cognos and why you should definitely get trained for it by explaining its countless benefits which certainly seem too good to be true!

A Brief Introduction of IBM Cognos

As discussed above, IBM Cognos is a complete business intelligence solution. Revered as a breakthrough in the world of BI, it makes complicated tasks like data analysis, decision-making, ad-hoc queries, creating dashboards, and generating reports as easy as breathing! The entire platform is a web-based solution that offers the following components:

  • IBM Cognos Connection (for content management)
  • IBM Cognos Insight (for managed workspaces)
  • IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced and IBM Cognos Query Studio (for ad-hoc queries and exploring data)
  • IBM Cognos Report Studio (for reporting and managing reports)
  • And many others!

The point is, this fantastic BI platform provides you with all the features that you need to take full advantage of your organization’s data!

Reasons to Get IBM Cognos Training

Are you having second thoughts about getting yourself and/or your workforce trained in the art of IBM Cognos and acquiring it for your organization? Perhaps the following reasons could set your mind straight and remove any doubt from it:

ü  It Offers Self-Service Analytics

A major challenge faced by business analysts and managers is not being able to access data at the right time due to the control of the IT department overseeing the enterprise’s BI solutions. IBM Cognos overcomes that problem by allowing autonomous analysis and letting users upload, extract, and analyze the data easily and without delay. Overall, the entire data moving procedure is made seamless.

ü  It Is Web-Based

Another difficulty that could arise from running an enterprise BI platform is having to manage and maintain desktop applications and other supportive software. Moreover, jumping from application to application can be extremely tedious and make the already-tough data analysis job even harder! Thankfully, the IBM Cognos platform is a completely web-based solution, which means there is no need to go through the hassles of managing different software – everything can be done at one place and without the need for any additional plugins!

ü  It Makes “Dashboarding” Easy

Creating dashboards is a crucial aspect of business intelligence. After all, you need to have a platform where you can gather information and generate professional-looking reports, right? All BI platforms offer the ability to create dashboards (dashboarding) but the IBM Cognos platform makes the entire process significantly easier. It lets you create impressive dashboards by using a simple drag-and-drop function, making the entire process quite quick.

ü  It Has a Mobile App

Apart from being completely web-based, the IBM Cognos platform also has a mobile application that lets you access the same reports and functionality on mobile devices, making on-the-go data analysis a possibility. This, understandably, leads to increased productivity and smoother operations as urgent tasks can be taken care of, anytime, any place.

To Conclude…

It’s safe to say that the IBM Cognos platform is one of the best business intelligence tools available to you today! With so many functionalities and the ease that it has to offer to enterprises, it makes sense that more and more organizations are opting for it. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in its training either.

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