What do you think is the key to successfully running an organization?  Is it the human resource, the technology, the management or something else altogether?  Any of the above may be the right answer, but one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of an organization is the departmental integration.  No matter how efficient the technology, how good the human resource or how well the management gets everything done, unless there is a collaborative culture or a system that requires joint efforts, there may as well not be an organization at all. With IBM Cognos training, your organization and its employees can learn the art of working together towards a common goal.

Why Has the Demand for Business Intelligence Spiked in this Century?

As we move towards a smarter, technology-driven era, people become more and more aware of their needs and how these needs can be fulfilled in the most efficient manner.  Settling for a sub-standard product or service is not an option anymore and the several choices in the market make it challenging for organizations to compete for a market share.  Running a business in these times means that you need to be acutely aware of what your competitors are doing to survive.

Business intelligence service offers organizations concrete evidence of what is needed to compete on the same level as their competitors.  Having deep insights about your target market, their preferences, price acceptance, stimulus responsiveness, among other factors can greatly affect your business’ position in the market.  For instance, knowing why a regular customer has switched from your brand of fresh fruit juice to your competitor’s can provide you with enough information on what needs to be done to improve your subsequent sales and profits.  This goes to show that business intelligence can greatly improve a company’s decision-making abilities.

IBM Cognos – What Does It Offer?

Cognos Training Help Multiple Departments

IBM Cognos is a web-based, enterprise business intelligence tool that provides a business with numerous options to improve data migration and integration, as well as analytics. Its several services include:

  • Data Analytics
  • Visualization
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Score carding
  • Data Metrics
  • Monitoring

Although IBM Cognos is not primarily a data visualization tool, it allows for fast and efficient data relationships to provide business users with actionable insights in no time. IBM Cognos also offers a framework manager, transformer, and cube designer to help with its processing and analytics.

The need for departmental integration arises from the need for everyone in the organization to be on the same page. Without effective data recording and storage in the correct format by the budgeting department, the production department may not be able to plan for raw materials and production. Similarly, the accounts department may be unaware of the expenses that they will have to pay and the human resource department will be unable to plan anything with regards to the workforce. With IBM Cognos training, business users will have an effective and secure enterprise-wide platform linked to the data warehouse or server, that will allow its users to access, plan, forecast, and prepare budgets for production, marketing, sales, and other functional departments.

Benefits of Using IBM Cognos

  • Well-managed reporting
  • Qualitative data exploration
  • Multiple analysis techniques
  • A wide, integrated architecture
  • Powerful and seamless connectivity
  • Functionality with Microsoft Office
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Powerful ‘what if’ tools
  • Ability to create custom dashboards
  • Dynamic reporting with a ‘drag and drop’ interface
  • Fast results (reduced reporting time)
  • Multiple file export formats
  • Multiple users, secure logins
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Lower costs
  • Improved decision-making

“With Cognos BI training, your organization can improve its departmental integration, workflow, and efficiency, in addition to providing actionable insights, leading to effective decision-making overall.   Contact ExistBI for more details on IBM Cognos Training.”


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