ExistBI provides industry and technology specific consulting, project implementation, training and support services to teams pursuing data driven objectives. The implementation of decision support systems using Data Science, Big Data and Business Intelligence is our primary focus.

Our implementation projects include, but not limited to: Providing Analytics Insights, Data Science, Big Data & Data Lake, Business IntelligenceData Warehouse Consulting, Data Quality & Governance, Master Data ManagementSystems Integration, Data Migration and CRM / ERP Consulting.

Our customer implementation projects often use best of breed technologies, these can include:

Business Analytics & Insights

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Data Integration Consulting
Service Type
Data Integration Consulting
Provider Name
1800 Century Park East, 6th Floor,Los Angeles,CA-90067,
Telephone No.(866) 965-6332
ExistBI delivers data-driven results through data integration consulting and data warehouse consulting with leading business intelligence technologies.