Salesforce training courses are fundamental to your success with No matter how good your Salesforce implementation, if your staff is not properly trained you will not realise its full potential and user adoption will inevitably be low. ExistBI are Salesforce partners and deliver Private and Public live instructor-led training classes for customers in Canada, US, UK and Europe.

Getting all your staff using the system correctly to track all customer contact, leads, opportunities, and customer feedback is critical to your success with Salesforce.

Without effective Salesforce training, managers will not be able to rely on the data presented in reports and dashboards and end-users will find it difficult to keep track of all the important information about your customers and prospects, who the key contacts are and when they need to be contacted.

Whether on-site or on-line ExistBI can train your end-users so that they fully understand your Salesforce system and have the confidence and ability to apply that knowledge to maximum effect.

We can provide tailored Salesforce training to your internal System Administrator based on your system configuration so that they can apply best practices to enhance the system’s usability in accordance with your business process.

Since our Salesforce training is always customised to your needs, you can be sure that by the end of the training your System Administrator will know exactly what changes they need to make and how to make them, end-users will know how to most efficiently use the system and you get the management information you can rely on to make key decisions and drive your business forward.

ExistBI certified trainers are committed to meeting the Salesforce training needs of your organisation and offers a range of cost-effective services to suit your custom requirements:


We can instruct your users on the standard, advanced and customised features you are using in your Edition of Salesforce.

Education & Enablement

On the smartest working practices which should be applied and that are relevant to your business processes. Prior to the Salesforce training we create an electronic model of your business processes which invariably helps you identify broken processes or ones that need to change.

Role Playing

Exercise centered learning so end-users become consciously competent on how Salesforce features really work in practice. We prepare scenarios that relate to the way you conduct your business and get your staff to learn by doing what you want them to do.

Coaching & Mentoring

We can coach your staff to overcome resistance to change and different working practices so they become skilled and proficient at using the Salesforce system.

Fit For Purpose Training

We provide custom Salesforce training tailored to your specific needs and requirements:

  • Refresher courses
  • New Salesforce release updates
  • Key Salesforce features & functionality
  • User role based training
  • Advanced Salesforce feature training
  • Salesforce Reports & Dashboard training