Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse Consulting

Accelerate your time to insights with fast, easy, and secure cloud data warehousing at scale!

Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed data warehouse that makes it simple and cost-effective to analyze all your data using standard SQL and your existing Business Intelligence (BI) tools. It allows you to run complex analytic queries against petabytes of structured data, using sophisticated query optimization, columnar storage on high-performance local disks, and massively parallel query execution. Most results come back in seconds.

With Amazon Redshift, you can start small with no commitments and scale out to petabytes of data, less than a tenth the cost of traditional solutions.

Amazon Redshift also includes Redshift Spectrum, allowing you to directly run SQL queries against exabytes of unstructured data in Amazon S3. No loading or transformation is required, and you can use open data formats, including Avro, CSV, Grok, ORC, Parquet, RCFile, RegexSerDe, SequenceFile, TextFile and TSV. Redshift Spectrum automatically scales query compute capacity based on the data being retrieved, so queries against Amazon S3 run fast, regardless of data set size.

How it works

Amazon Redshift uses SQL to analyze structured and semi-structured data across data warehouses, operational databases, and data lakes, using AWS-designed hardware and machine learning to deliver the best price performance at any scale.

Amazon Redshift: How it Works

For a new Data Warehouse project or to accelerate your migration to Amazon Redshift, you can reach out to our Cloud Data Warehouse Consulting team for data strategy, EDW assessment, EDW design, implementation and support.

NASDAQ scaled from 30 to 70 billion records per day!

Magellan Rx Management
MagellanRx reduced ETL time by 70% and operational costs by 20%!

General Electric
GE improved how customers browse, find, and source data!

Zynga doubled ETL performance to over 5.3TB of daily game data!

Amazon Redshift Case Studies

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