This 2-day, instructor-led PowerExchange training class is based on COBOL or PL/1 metadata from copybooks and is intended for users with Mainframe or AS/400 experience. It is recommended that students have some Informatica PowerCenter experience. The course exposes students to the basics of the PowerExchange (PWX) Client for Informatica PowerCenter through lecture and labs. Topics covered include: Navigator, Data Maps, SQL Syntax, Processing Complex Flat Files, and PowerCenter Integration.


  • Understand PWX benefits and architecture
  • Use the Navigator to create data maps for flat files, filter and check data integrity and create data maps for complex non-relational files.
  • Integrate PWX with PowerCenter using Client for PowerCenter
  • Create personal metadata


Module 1: PWX Overview

  • PWX Functionality
  • PWX Architecture

Module 2: Personal Metadata

  • Creating Personal Metadata
  • Testing Personal Metadata
  • Lab5: Adding Personal Metadata

Module 3: Data Maps in Depth

  • Creating a Data Map
  • Defining the Records in a File
  • Lab 3A: Manual Data Map Creation
  • Field Level Processing
  • Adding Expression Fields
  • Table Definitions
  • Lab 3B: Importing a Multi-Record File with a COBOL
  • Copybook Array Processing
  • Lab 3C: Array Processing

Module 4: PWX Utilities


Module 5: SQL Syntax

  • Using SQL WHERE Clause for Non-Relational
  • Using DTLDESCRIBE Function to Retrieve
  • Lab4: Filtering Records and Array Handling

Module 6: PowerExchange Navigator

  • Navigator Functions, Configuration and Setup
  • Data Maps
  • Personal Metadata
  • Managing Navigator Objects
  • Lab2: Creating a Data Map from an EBCDIC file

Module 7: Processing Complex Flat Files

  • File and Field Data Formats
  • Variable Length Binary Data
  • Lab6: Decoding a Complex Flat File

Module 8: PowerExchange/PowerCenter Integration

  • Using PowerExchange Client for PowerCenter (PWXPC)
  • Lab 7: Integrating with PowerCenter using PowerExchange
  • Client for PowerCenter