In the world of Big Data Management, Informatica has fast become the leading ETL tool with 2-3 times faster processing powers than its competitors such as Spark. Hadoop has allowed companies to use more data for analysis than ever before. However, this data requires Big Data software tools to integrate, process and analyze this vast amount of information. With so many Big Data engines on the market, it is hard for businesses to decide which would be the most appropriate tool for them.  Here we are five reasons why to go for Informatica Big Data Management:

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1. Boost Productivity

The Informatica Smart Performance Optimizer is compatible with multiple data processing engines, for example, Spark. The Optimizer executes the highest performance, scalability, and resource utilization without interfering with data pipelines. Allowing existing data pipelines to remain unchanged despite changes in the technology. This system shortens the time to value by allowing maximum developer productivity, operational reusability, and data integration performance.

2. Seriously Impressive Data Connectivity

Informatica Big Data Management has almost universal access to transaction data including RDBMS, OLTP, OLAP, ERP, CRM, mainframe and cloud. Alongside, interaction data such as social media, log files, machine sensor data, Hadoop, NoSQL formats, documents, and emails.  This system has specifically high-speed data integration for Hadoop and Spark allowing the data to be processed at any scale. This allows data scientists to be spending their time on analysis rather than integrations.

3. Machine Learning

This intelligent data tool makes it easy to access complex, multi-structured or unstructured data and creates bespoke parsers for repetitive use. The tool also has prebuilt parsers available for market and industry data.

4. Adapts to Open Source Framework

The Hadoop visual interface is continually changing as new innovations emerge, the Informatica Big Data Management adapts to each change in the interface allowing each previous data pipeline to be preserved and applied regardless of the latest updates.

5. Take This Tool Anywhere

This Informatica Big Data management tool can be supported anywhere, off or on site. This suits the new generation data infrastructure.

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